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Cvstos the Time Keeper - Collection Jetliner


Through an uncompromisingly avant-garde design, the CVSTOS JETLINER COLLECTION explores the stylistic channels that guide the science of aeronautics with an energetic twist.

Jetliner II

41mm / A00101.4102001
45mm / A00101.4502001

Jetliner PS

41mm / A00103.4113002
45mm / A00103.4513002
41mm / A00103.4112001
45mm / A00103.4512001
41mm / A00103.4110001
45mm / A00103.4510001

Jetliner Skull Inkvaders

Edition Limited 25 pieces
41mm / A10101.4185002
Edition Limited 100 pieces
41mm / A10101.4105001
45mm / A10101.4505001
Edition Limited 100 pieces
41mm / A10101.4106001
45mm / A10101.4506001